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Dr Abiola Muhammed Ogunfowora

“Passionate, dedicated counselling psychologist working in her private practice, Abiola is a social justice and rights advocate; dedicated to understanding and engaging with the complex and nuanced challenges we all face as humans both as a psychologist and an activist. Particularly interested in how injustice can affect the mental well-being of individuals and communities deprived of their rights.

She attended UCD for her bachelor's and master's in psychology and completed her doctorate in Trinity College Dublin. 

Abiola has facilitated numerous processes and workshops and addressed the UNCERD in Geneva in 2019 when Ireland was being examined.  Abiola's lifelong journey is making mental health information more accessible while combating inequalities injustice, and exclusion”

Abiola: About Us
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Amel Yacef


Abiola has been extremely fortunate to be mentored by Amel Yacef. Amel Yacef continues to support the structuring of Racism on the Couch. She holds and provides a space of reflection and growth. 

"Amel Yacef: originally from Algeria, has been working in the youth and community sector In Ireland for over 20 years; she has managed and coordinated projects with a focus on social justice, equality, and human rights.

She has been engaging in a voluntary capacity with various organisations and campaigns fighting for a more just, equal, and caring society.

Amel presently works in the National Youth Council of Ireland; she describes her practice as transformative and compassionate justice. She has extensive experience in organising and mobilising young people and the grassroots; facilitating processes that enable those voices to sit in their power, and impact political discourse."

Abiola: About Us
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