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Racism on the Couch provides a space where people and organisations can begin to have conversations that can be extremely healing. It unpacks the harmful realities of racism and challenges practitioners to address the profound effects of systemic, historical racism on people's mental health. The work is centred around untangling the webs of white supremacy, collective and intergenerational trauma. Essentially it is the anti-racism work that is often missing in our understanding of mental health.

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Racism on the Couch


Dr. Abiola Muhammed Ogunfowora


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What we do

About: What We Do
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Reflective Space

A unique space for mental health professionals from racial minority backgrounds to connect, support and validate their lived experiences. To find out more, see upcoming events 

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Attend our events

This is one of the simplest ways to be involved in RotC. We believe that the RotC community is what makes it a unique and special space. We look forward to seeing and meeting you at our events.

Partner with us

Is there something you want to see on ROTC? Do you have a unique way that you want to contribute to RotC? Do you think that ROTC can support your organization or business and want more information?
Simply contact us with your questions or queries.

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Have you attended a number of our events or think this is a great initiative and want to support RotC. You can now contribute by following the link below.

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